Online GPAT test series

Online GPAT test series for Windows

online GPAT MOCK Test series now at OFFLINE at your DESKTOP

online GPAT MOCK Test series now at OFFLINE at your DESKTOP

Experience the Online GPAT pattern before you attempt Real GPAT. This software provides just similar pattern to AICTE ONLINE GPAT exam. All questions with FLAG, UNFLAG options and Instant SCORE card and complete KEY with EXPLANATION. Complete Checking of your answer sheet any time after you complete the exam. No need of internet connection once installed. This software is designed to attempt the GPAT mock test at your desktop offline once you install with unlimited attempts. You can attempt test papers anytime and anywhere. Download a FREE trial now. No need of registration and its completely FREE.

Practice of GPAT pattern, Practice of Online pattern, Practice of Flagging and unflagging questions, Complete key with explanation after test to analyse the mistakes

This software provides exact similar pattern to AICTE online GPAT with more focus on flagging and deflagging options. No need of internet connection after installation in to your computer saving your time and money. You can attempt the tests unlimited and available with you along your career.

Suitable for pharmacy students preparing for various competitive exams like GPAT, IV B.pharm appearing GPAT, III B.pharm preparing for GPAT and All GPAT preparing aspirants.

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Online GPAT test series


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